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Hand-worked Polaroids, Fujifilm Instax and vibrant collages make this youthful zine a one of a kind treasure. 35 colorful pages feature cut-out lettering and an unforgetable trip across the globe in the span of 15 days. This softcover zine is perfect for coffee tables, extended bathroom endeavors, rolled up in your back pocket on the metro, in-between castings, and late-night inspo digging with the last of your weed and too many art supplies to fathom. Dive in to an experience entirely your own as you skim the 8.5" x 11" pages and take inspiration into your own travels through art. 

35 Pages, softcover, 8.5" x 11"

What went into making this zine:

1 journal

1 roll of packing tape

2 weeks abroad

2 pairs of Chucks

3 countries

3 hangovers

4 travelers

4 Packs of polaroid film

5 air bnb’s 

6 crepes

8 Packs of instax film

27 hours of flights

115.7 miles on foot

Countless number of bandaids 

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