Meet Amanda,

​She’s a full-time creative and business owner absorbing every drop of funk Los Angeles has to offer. She demonstrates an overwhelming passion for vibrant, mixed-media collage that seeps into her editorial photography. Amanda is inspired by the carefree attitude of youth, and channels it into her craft. Her work has been featured in publications such as Disfunkshion Magazine, Sticks n Stones, C-Heads Magazine, Cake Magazine, and more. She’s collaborated with companies such as Dickies, Depop, and Polaroid originals. ​

Her latest release is a self-reflection compilation titled, "Disco nected," which is a 20 page psychedelic zine accompanied by a hand-collaged print series based around a space-driven mentality guiding a lost spirit to the path of creative freedom. ​

Amanda opened Zig Zag Goods on the last day of 2016. It is a one-stop hub dedicated to rejuvenating apparel with mediums such as painting, sewing, and styling. When she isn’t photographing in the studio with Valfré, you can find her cruising on Beachwood Drive and tending her 61 plus plants.


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